Allin1 (399€*) – Multi Effects


Too many jacks ! Another power cord ? In what order should I place the effects ?
All these questions now become a thing of the past with the Multi Effets Boutique ! 

A compact (25 x 7)cm, streamlined and very design stomp box, offering a range of effects which define a style. It’s the ideal companion for the modern musician.

>  Le Classic, the basics !

Drive : a supercharged Screamer
Using the basic elements of the Super 4558, with added clarity and definition undertones.
The Channel 2 embeds an additional Préamp to achieve a bite close to saturation.
Dual Channel , sharing the same Tone control.
The 1st footswitch handles the Drive section, the 2nd lets you switch between the channels.

Reverb : Spring Room
Follows the Ô Finest Reverb, and is immediately immersive.
Single setting, Mix ‘Dry/Wet’, with a depth not exceeding 2s.

Boost : Ultra Clean !
Single setting, Gain, up to +25dB

Demos : Allan

Drive (Gain)
Reverb (Dry/Wet)
Boost (Gain)

Allin1_classic_1 Allin1

>  Custom
   KOT (King Of Tone vs Screamer, Reverb & Boost)
   TDDR (Tremolo, Drive, Delay & Reverb)

Allin1_custom  IMG_20210223_1313100-01 Allin1_TDFR IMG_20210929_1317465-01-01 IMG_20210412_1812097-01 IMG_20211006_235135_102-01 IMG_20191105_123837_hdr_edit-01 Allin1_custom_filter Allin1_KOT

> New size ! (19 x 12)cm
   Send me your wishes via the Contact form

ALLin1_custom ALLin1+ Warmbabies_2 Warmbabies_1

Specs : AOP JRC4558 (ou 4580) & TL072, Optocoupleur, Transistor & Diodes Silicium, Accutronics Belton – Buffered Bypass – Alim 9 volt – (26 x 7 x 5) cm


Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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