Chorus 3007 (239€) – Analog 70′


3007, wassat ?

For Guitar & Bass

This is a Delay electronic chip which belongs to the Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) family, the sound of which kind of resembles a line of people passing on a bucket of water to put out a fire.
This device was invented by Philips Research Labs in the 70′, and its MN3007 version was made popular by Roland/Boss in their famous Chorus pedal.

If you’re looking for a warm, organic sound and you don’t like the synthetic side of certain other productions,
Check out the Chorus 3007 !

Rate (modulation speed)
Deep (micro switch, depth)
Trem (Tremolo mode footswitch, light 'vibrato' like)
Trem Rate (Tremolo mode)

Specs : BBD MN3007, Transistors & AOP – True Bypass – 9 volt (<10mA) – (11 x 6 x 5) cm

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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