Glitch (239€) – vintage Analog/Digital Delay


Vintage Tape echoes effect in a stomp-box.

For Guitar & Bass

We decided to use the Princeton Technology Echo/Delay PT2399 as it combines analogue signal processing with a reduced format electronic architecture. Digital conversion is used only for the storage of a sound sample which is sent back in the repetitions without other processing.
To enable you to immerse yourself even more in your universe, we’ve created the Freeze function !  🙂

Glitch, the natural and warm sounding A/D Delay, just like the analogue machines of yesterday. Truly Vintage !

Video : DanyRockJr

Mix (Dry/Wet)
Repeat (Number of repetitions)
Time (Delay from 25 to 450ms)
FB (Overlay of repetitions when Freeze function is engaged, linked to the Mix and repeat settings)
Freeze function (momentary footswitch, ‘freeze’ or ‘infinite feedback’ effects while maintaining the action)

Glitch_4Glitch_delay_4 Glitch_2 Glitch_delay_1

Specs : PT2399, AOP – True Bypass – 9 volt (40mA) 12 volt max– (11 x 6 x 5) cm

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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