Little Monster (849€*) – Retro 15w Tube Amp


Perfectly at home in its sonic environment..

For Guitar & Bass

'Point-by-Point' wiring, specially selected components, conventional but efficient controls, a surprising architecture in a reduced aluminium format for this endearing, entirely tube driven amp!

With its néo-rétro looks, Little Monster houses a Fender Bassman type Preamp combined with a solid Class AB, Push-Pull – EL84 amplification.
Miniaturization without concession.
Whether in rehearsals or performing live, your sound keeps the warmth, dirt and dynamics of a 15 watts tube (e.g. Fender Blues Junior) that will never let you down.

Here are a few sound samples of older versions pending the new demo.

Video :


EQ : Bass, Mid, Treble
HP Out : 8-16 ohm

Little Monster 1 Little Monster 2 Little Monster 3

Specs : Class AB (Auto Bias) – 15 watts – Tubes 1x ECC83 et 2x EL84 – (16 x 14 x 13) cm – 1.5kg

AMPLIs Boutique Guitare & Basse – Fait main et fabriqué en France

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