Minus (319€*) – 1w Tube Amp


Minus, maximus !

As you’ll have guessed, Minus is an actual Tube Amp (Class A – Single Ended) squeezed into a stomp box.
The ideal companion for playing at home, it doesn’t take up any space and delivers enough power to drive any Cab on the market (8 Ohms speaker output).

Driven by an external 12 volts DC power supply (optional), the tubes are powered in 230 volts via a high voltage device.
Minus has been optimized to deliver full power in Clean mode, essential basis of any guitar amp, but also offers two types of Drive mode for our pleasure and without disturbing the neighbors.

The sound without the drawbacks !

A short self-made demo to demonstrate the unusual and uncommon features of the little amp.

: Clean (set a the middle) and 2 Drive sounds (Vintage & Modern) as you turn the knob


Power Supply, critical part !
Minus requires a continuous voltage from 9 volts (in this case, the power will be reduced and the sound different), perfect at 12 volts.
Modern power supplies (switching devices) are not recommended, because of there poor quality. The result would be continious 'buzz' which would spoil your pleasure.
For this reason, a high quality power supply unit (Hi-Fi linear) is proposed as an option, for a guaranteed operation.

Tubes Shield
Minus is not fragile and the Tubes do not heat too much. However, for those who need one, we supply an optional shield.

More options will be proposed (details when adding to cart)

Specs : 12AX7 (Preamp Tube), 12AU7 (Power Tube) – DC 12 volt (800mA) centre positif – (11 x 6 x 5) cm – 0.5kg

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