OL 42 (279€) – Stereo Reverb Layer


An explosion of creativity !

"For Olivier Louvel, music is about opening your mind and travel. He’s travelled the world, from Indonesia to Namibia, Ecuador to the Arctic landscapes, eager to discover the music, peoples and suns."

Daniel Yvinec

Born in Caen, the guitarist has worked with hundreds of artists and released five albums of his own, ever increasing his musical scope.
His impressive mastery of the instrument, which is light years away from the autism of certain Jazz styles, allows him to reinvent folklore.

So, why 42 ?
Olivier holds the key, so ask him yourself when you meet him.


Videos : Guitare Garage

Mix (Dry/Wet)
Wave (Feedback needed when the Pad is On)
PAD (momentary Footswitch, ‘echo’ or ‘freeze’ effect)

A Trimmer (located inside the box) sets the Reverb 'hold time' once the PAD is released

OL42_3 OL42_1 OL42_4 OL42_2

Mode Mono
main use on 1 Amp, with OUT1
> picture sound's enlargement on 2 Amps, with OUT1 + OUT2

Mode Stéréo
   IN1 + IN2
> picture and depth sound's enlargement on 2 Amps, with OUT1 + OUT2

Specs : Accutronics Belton, AOP – 9 volt (70mA) – (10 x 10 x 6) cm

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