Scorpio (209€) – RAT Distortion


RAT reborn in Scorpio !

ProCo’s legendary distortion pedal, ProCofirst came out in the beginning of the 80′, and following its massive success, was declined in several versions.
Entre autre, on retrouve le musicien Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)Graham Coxon (Blur), Noël Gallagher (Oasis), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and James Hetfield (Metallica) are just a few of its army of users.

The Scorpio integrates a 'TurboTurbo' mode which figures in one of the original pedal’s variations, together with a Low Pass filter Low Passthat enables you to calibrate the distortion’s spectrum.

Video : Brice Delage

Level (Vol)
Distortion (Gain)
Filter (High Cut)
Switch (Standard, Turbo)
Trimmer (Low Pass filter, located inside the box)

Specs : AOP LM308, Diodes Silicium – True Bypass – 9 volt (5mA) – (11 x 6 x 5) cm

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