Tube Fuel (179€*) – Preamp


A sound Magnifier !

For Guitar & Bass

A must-have add-on for all musicians striving for ‘perfection’ and ‘minimalism’. Ultra compact, with a sleek design that focuses on what matters, the sound !
Preamp tube running on 9 volt, this little tool exalts your sound giving Depth to the bass, Presence to the treble, Boost to the volume and a natural inimitable Compression which we look for in our playing.
Now that’s really awesome !

Whether you’re a studio musician, a couldn’t care-less bass player using only a DI box on stage, a travelling guitarist who’s gone for ‘digital’ equipment, Tube Fuell has been designed for you.
As for the others, well.. just check it out and surprise yourself ! 🙂

Video : coming soon..

In the meantime, take a look at The Grunger, a colored Tube Boost

Free ! A foam die to protect the Tube for transportation (blue, red or yellow)
True Bypass switch is optional (seen on the top of the casing)

Tube-Fuell_6 Tube-Fuell_2 Tube-Fuell_4 Tube-Fuell_1

Specs : 12AU7 Tube – True Bypass (option) – 9 volt (200mA) 12 volt max – (10 x 7 x 6) cm

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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