Vintage Tube Drive

You don’t see many Tube overdrives around, but a Tube overdrive running on 9 volts is just magical !  😉

For Guitar & Bass

This tube stomp box may look chic, but it is resolutely Vintage, with a sound reminiscent of the small Fender Champ amplifiers.
The essential element is the Tube !
Carefully selected for its electrical characteristics, it is powered in low voltage, acting as a low power twin layer amplification, supported by a transistor preamp, that’s all !
The aim is to colour the sound naturally as you would with an amp which has no headroom.
What you get is a rich harmonic and organic tube-textured overdrive.

VideosBrice DelageThierry Fanfant

Gain (input Tube signal)
Boost (Gain & Vol Boost)
F (2 way filter, Standard & Low-Pass)

A little bit of guitar impro from my friend Jeff.


Specs : Tube 12AU7, Préamp Transistor – True Bypass – 9 volt (250mA) – (10 x 10 x 6) cm

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France