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I play in various bands. For me music fills a need of personal balance, between Art and Engineering in electronics. I have always enjoying creating, building things. I like the beauty of the (apparently) simple things being actually so complex in their expressiveness ! This is the very nature of tube-based electronics for Music, which are my all-time favorite topic of interest ! We are talking here about the conception and manufactoring of tube amps and effect pedals.

2012, I brought to Life my first tube amp. Only 5W of raw power - megawatts of potential !
The two following amps were immediately adopted by a band, which employed the particular tone of these amps to the creation of new musical textures, ARPESIC

Sabelya® was born.
We are based on the French Riviera, at the heart of the technological center of Sophia Antipolis (very close to Antibes and Nice).
Our products are designed by us and assembled by hand.
Inspired by the golden technologies of the past, our circuits are designed to bring a unique character to your Music.

Are you ready to try ?

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OxxFuzz_1 Allin1 Zendrive1_3 PlexiBox_front Doudou_signature ScreamerX_1 Polish_20221217_163321560-02 175752633-01 Tchula killer Growl Fever_6 IMG_20200106_1552047-01~2 Polish_20221230_132632270-01 Reverb Octopussy Plexi Box Red Allin1_TDFR BOT_2 IMG_20170613_191729_edit Maniac Retromatic gen 1 Multi OD Momie multi Allin1 4558 Trem Rev IMG-20170711-WA001_edit_edit BC109 Greedy Fuzz IMG_20191113_122004-01Maniac_4 IMG_20181129_120713_edit-01-02 9ebb5699-1cd1-4576-8416-a7529ca24331_edit IMG_20171020_120204_edit-01 Auto-Wah-Mutron3 IMG_20170131_132450_edit IMG_20161209_153537_edit IMG_20161130_163132_edit Small box Amp Musitronics Phasor Clone G Booster Polish_20221018_111022001-01-01 Chorus Rev Hifi Tube Screamer X green Warmbabies_1 TDM Fuzz Monster Drive TubeComp_1 Enormous Feet Fuzz IMG_20170131_132156_edit Flange MinusBox Treble Booster Zaarb Fuzz LS_custom_3 Rock20-Sabelya® Loofol Captain Boost Allin1 Screamer Rev Boost

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France