KOT (249€*) – Dual Overdrive


This is our version of the King Of Tone, you’ll never need another overdrive pedal.

Analog Man, in collaboration with Jim Weider,proposes a subtle overdrive which is revered by the Guitar World.

Using a completely faithful-to-the-original circuitry, the idea is to offer a slightly different take on the pedal which is considered as the 'Holy Grail' of pedals and still manufactured to this day by its designer.
A ‘functional’ bias in order to obtain a 2-channel overdrive, single channels which can be combined, configured in the following manner :

Channel 1 OD
Channel 2 OD Boost

Videos : Overdrive Family, Brice Delage, Aurélien Miguel

D (Drive)
Inside the box, little Trimmer (one per Channel) sets the tone 'Presence'.

Clip : 'clipping diodes for Channel 1, Clean Boost Mod for Channel 2
Pre/Post : Channels select


New !
Version Red
: puces High Gain, hard clipping & Select channels (le footswitch de gauche permet de basculer du Canal 1 OD au Canal 2 OD+)

KOT_red_1 KOT_red_2 KOT_red_3

Specs : Silicium – True Bypass – 9 volt (15mA), 16 volt MAX – (12 x 10 x 5) cm


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