Sabelya's version of the 'King Of Tone‘ by Analog Man, you’ll never need another overdrive pedal..

D (Drive)
Clip : 'clipping' diodes
Inside the box, little Trimmer (one per Channel) sets the tone 'Presence'.

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Dual Overdrive
Analog Man
, in collaboration with Jim Weider,' proposes a subtle overdrive which is revered by the Guitar World.

Using a completely faithful-to-the-original circuitry, the idea is to offer a slightly different take on the pedal which is considered as the 'Holy Grail' of pedals and still manufactured to this day by its designer.
A ‘functional’ bias in order to obtain a 2-channel overdrive, canaux indépendants et cumulables, configurée de différentes façons.

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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AOP JRC4580, Silicon Diodes
True Bypass


9 volt (15mA) – 16 volt max


(12 x 10 x 5) cm

Video Credit

Overdrive Family
Brice Delage
Aurélien Miguel

( Ivan, Slovakia ) Transparent pedal, works well with an amp, sensitive tone diaphragm, various distortion options. Good job.

( Armando ) Pedal received at home this afternoon. So far I have only tried it at home and it sounds incredible, it has exceeded my expectations, which were quite high. In the absence of giving it more depth in the rehearsal room with more volume and including it on the pedalboard. Thank you very much for a great job.

( Michaël ) I finally had the time to try it. It is perfect, both in terms of the sounds that come out of it and the aesthetics. It is very beautiful and it fits perfectly into my already well-stocked pedalboard. I've never tried Analog's KoT, but I'm sure your version has nothing to envy of it!