Trem’60 (209€) – Vintage Analog Tremolo


Inspired by the ‘roots’ sound of the 60' Tube amps, the Trem'60 retains the same feel resulting in a very warm sound.

For Guitar & Bass

This analog design pedal is based essentially on 2 'bipolar' transistors. The aim is to preserve the instrument's exact sound, while adding a little personality thanks to the Tremolo effect.
And since we also like fun stuff, Trem’60 we’ve added a few modern features.

VideoTone factory

Speed (Vitesse de l’onde)
Depth (Profondeur d’atténuation, ‘présence’ du Trémolo)
UP Speed (in UP mode)
UP Mod (Momentary Footswitch, speed setup while playing)
Ringer (chopped tune, very interesting 'destroy' sound while coupling with an Overdrive pedal)

Specs : Transistors Silicium – True Bypass – 9 volt – (11 x 6 x 5) cm


Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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