Trem’60 Old School Sound

( For Guitar & Bass )

Speed (sound wave)
Depth (attenuation, Tremolo ‘presence’)
UP Speed (setting in UP Mod)
UP Mod (Momentary Footswitch, speed setup while playing)
Ringer (chopped tune, very interesting 'destroy' sound while coupling with an Overdrive pedal)

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Vintage Analog Tremolo
This analog design pedal is based essentially on bipolar transistors.The aim is to preserve the instrument's exact sound, while adding a little personality thanks to the Tremolo effect.
Inspired by the sound of the 60' Tube Amps , resulting in a very warm sound !

And since we also like fun stuff, Trem’60 owns a few modern features.

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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Additional information


Silicon Transistors
True Bypass


9 volt


(11 x 6 x 5) cm

Video Credit

Tone factory

Very inspiring pedal, so much so that it is missing when you bypass it. The UP mod is really cool in solos! Looking forward to discovering more.

( DGH ) I discovered this pedal with Tone Factory and I am not disappointed with my purchase. The Up Mod is great, the settings are very simple. The sound is superb, when you start playing with it you don't see the time passing. Plus it has a very nice design (it doesn't determine the sound quality but it's a nice little extra).

( Laurent ) Superb tremolo, soft and subtle. The Up Mod is really cool. Bravo for the quality of your effects.