Klon Centaur


No need to present a renowned overdrive, the Klon Centaur !

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Originally developed by Bill Finnegan and some MIT engineers in the beginning of the 90′.
One of the innovative characteristics of that period was the mix of the guitar's clean sound and the 'driven' sound generated by theson clean‘ de la guitare et ‘son drive‘ généré par l’effet, à base de Germanium-diode effect Germanium. The balance was obtained with a double Gain.
The charge pump (device enabling the transformation of power supply) sends different voltage values to the amplification circuits.

Today, an original Klon Centaur is considered as a collector’s item and can fetch up to several thousand euros.

Tested by Guitare Xtreme (num 90)

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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AOP, Germanium Diodes
True Bypass


9 volt (20mA)


(10 x 10 x 6) cm

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Sébastien Israel

( Eric ) Package well received and total satisfaction for the pedal... Coupled with my Boss TS and my JRocket Ikon, it takes off immediately... Thank you for your know-how.

Faithful to the original which is overpriced today :). A pedal to have. You will not be disappointed listen to the sound of John Mayer :).

( Yohan ) After some nice ones such as Mad Professor, Majik Box, 'Tonefreak, Nos, 320 Design, Okko, Heebo, Rockett pedals, Xotic...Fulltone....comes Sabelya from Naïce ;) I don't know the Klon , at least it SOUNDS. On clean crunch it's rock'n'roll while maintaining a certain control of the sound, we could call it 'modern'. We remain in a "7O" style. Stacked on a saturated channel it does not weaken and is PERFECTLY up to the task. The sound is not pinched like on certain green or yellow pedals... It is really the extension of the channel (saturated with the amp) used. So I almost tend to forget it because it is so natural. BRAVO

( Dominique ) A little word to thank you very sincerely for the pedal and your work. It perfectly meets my expectations and even beyond. I'm using it for the moment in overdrive (Germanium position and gain at around 12 o'clock) on an EL84 amp with a well-developed clean and it works as an additional gain stage with an incredible "naturalness", without distorting the grain of the amp while having (as you said) its own character!! Perfect with a strat but just divine with a Les Paul, we recover brilliance and incredible dynamics (unlike other ODs which tend to "crush" the sound), to believe that this pedal and this guitar were made for to meet !! In addition, it "goes" very well with a fuzz upstream, it brings everything that is missing from the fuzz.. Congratulations again and simply thank you.