NNK Overdrive


Norbert Nono Krief Overdrive Signature

EQ (Preamp part with 2 active equalizer controls)
H : High Pass filter
L : Low Pass filter
V (Vol)
OD (Drive part with 3 controls)
     G : Gain
     High Gain : 2 levels Gain
     B : Boost Vol when the dedicated Channel is selected
Boost (2nd Channel, stand-alone)

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NNK Overdrive
" With a career spanning over 40 years, Trust has become a true monument on France’s rock scene. Norbert “Nono” Krief and Bernie Bonvoisin founded the band in Paris in 1977.

Bonvoisin’s uncompromising lyrics and Krief’s hard-driving guitar rival with the very best British and American bands of the time The band quickly made a name for themselves touring throughout Europe and getting billed on the same stage as heavyweights of the day such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Anthrax and even Mötörhead.
After a few breaks and re-formations with Trust and having been Johnny Halliday’s guitarist for several years, Norbert Krief is back stronger than ever with the band who have just released a new album 'Dans le même sang'. "

You can read the full interview by 'Antoine Bourgougnon on Reverb.com

A resolutely rich Rock sound, an Equalization section enabling you to tweak the tone, several ways of modulating the Gain and an independent Canal Boost Boost Channel.
The Overdrive Signature Signature Overdrive in the spirit of a Tube Amp which is pushed to the limits !

* Many thanks to Thierry Loustauneau, the author of the beautiful original photo of Norbert's silhouette.

Tested by Guitar Part (num 313)

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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Transistors & Diodes Silicium
True Bypass


9 volt


(11 x 6 x 5) cm

( ) It sounds as expected. Well done. 2 in one with settings that make the difference.

( Lionel ) Finally, Santa Claus has come! The pedal is great, a better Box of Rock, more precise equalization and a kick-ass Boost, all without hiss. I love it, congratulations. Thank you Santa, thank you Nono, thank you Elias. Good parties of New Year.

( Maurice ) Hello Elias, Just to tell you that I received the NNK signature pedal, and I must tell you that I am very satisfied with it, amazed by the clarity of the sound, the precision of the tone of its equalization, much more effective than the box of rock, as well as its Boost channel which sends and which seems essential to me for solos. A superb overdrive for a boosted Marshall-style rock sound if you activate its mini High gain switch and which goes very well in a group's mix. I spent a bit of time getting the settings right with the amp, but now that I've done so, it's just great! All you have to do is put the amp in Donf to enjoy it: Thanks to you Elias and also to Nono for the design and creation of this superb pedal, Congratulations, good luck! Musically