Super 4558 OD


Super 4558, more than just a Screamer..

Boost (Channel select & setting)
Pre-Post (Daisy Chain)
Pre : Boost section before OD -» close to Distortion sound

Post : Boost section after OD -» increase the OD level

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Overdrive Screamer & Boost
With its rich and natural harmonies, large reserve of Gain, warm, present, sharp and dynamic sound, this is an uncompromising Overdrive !

2 Channel Overdrive enabling different 'Guitar Lead configurations' thanks to the Switch Pre/Post settings.You’ll be able to :
– Boost the Vol while keeping the settings of the 'Overdrive
Modify the ‘colour’ of the 'Overdrive by adjusting the Preamp’s attack

Tested by Guitar Part (num 295)

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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Additional information


AOP JRC4558 (ou 4580), Transistor & Diodes Silicium
True Bypass


9 volt (5mA)


(11 x 6 x 5) cm

Video Credit

Tone factory
Guillaume Vrac
Overdrive Family
Olivier Louvel

( Guillaume Vrac ) To have urgently! A future big name!

An overdrive marvel. Capable of making the single coils of my strats, the P90s of my Springer like the HBs of my Les Paul sing with astonishing character. Small size easy to place in a pedalboard. Nice finish.

( Jeff ) Last weekend I used the super 4558 a lot, it's really great, the range of sounds is very extensive, from crystalline beauty to very wild sounds, your pedals are honestly just incredible , really hats off and many thanks.

( Jacques ) An overdrive which would have its place in my pedalboard, and which risks putting others out of work..

( Jean-Do ) A great overdrive, I love it! Very versatile, it offers a lot of possibilities, but all the configs sound. Very nice work, well done.