Tone Maker TB


Tone Maker, what else ?

Filter (Low Cut filter)
Bias (act as Transistor Gain)
Boost (Channel 2 Vol)

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Preamp Treble Booster
Derived from the Dallas Rangemaster, with a slightly different approach and more modern components.

Préamp, Booster, from Clean to Crunch, a true Swiss Army knife !
And as if this wasn’t enough, use the 2nd channel’s optional Boost .

Tested by Guitare Xtreme (num 95)

Boutique Pedals for Guitar & Bass - Handmade in France

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Additional information


Transistor & Diodes Silicium
True Bypass


9 volt (5mA)


(11 x 6 x 5) cm

Video Credit

 Mick Ravassat

( Valérie ) Wow!!!!!! In the top! Thank you for this jewel BRAVO!!!!

( Serge Malik from Rapetous ) Compliments for this subtle pedal which, as its name does not indicate, gives a terrible thickness to the single coils. Personally I force the BIAS to 8 and reduce the FILTER to 3 to get what I would consider without false modesty to be an airplane sound. The BOOST, which I do not hesitate to increase to 6/7, is the perfect tool to get out of playback in intervention or solo. As Olivier Louvel would say “Ah yes, there; it’s crazy!”. Well done